Green Star Art, also known as The Lacey Jarrell Foundation is an exclusively charitable, educational, and culturally diverse organization.

We are devoted to the enhancement and promotion of ethical, social, intellectual, and emotional development for students ages 13 – 21 years of age. We are committed to providing an inclusive opportunity for youth from all socioeconomic backgrounds. We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) operated by volunteers.


We define art as any activity that involves expression of a natural and creative skill that gives aesthetic pleasure. Examples include painting, drawing, dancing, music, photography, writing, designing, acting, web development, and more.


Recent research demonstrates that students who are supported in creativity are more inclined to experience well being and develop confidence to make healthy decisions despite peer pressure that is contrary. Through compassionate support and the process and production of art, whether it is painting, music, film, photography, dance, theater or other, young people can develop healthy life skills to cope with challenges, build resilience, develop socially, and experience personal growth.

Research also has shown that positive interventions during the critical developmental ages of adolescence can result in opportunity for positive development and help youth navigate through this time of transition successfully. We seek to be a small part in assisting youth to achieve positive social and behavioral outcomes.

What We Do

Art Support

  • Art Supplies
  • Art Sales Suport
  • Opportunities to display art at public shows
  • Educational Classes – Tuition
  • Educational Scholarships

Teen Support

  • Life Skills Education
  • Career Education
  • Mentor Support
  • Peer Support
  • Life Coaching

Reach Out

For your questions about teen support, volunteering and donations, you can contact us.

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